Is Aquaponics for Me or My Family? - AP 101

Join us for a 1-1/2 hour orientation about what it takes to be a home or student aquaponics farmer. Sessions are Monday's, beginning June 3rd - July 29th and Wednesday's, beginning June 5th - July 31st both days at 6:00pm. Cost $50 for one or two people, includes aquaponic handouts and beverages. Register for a specific date below. 

New!!! - Weeklong 1/2 Day Summer Camps for Middle and High School Students

Beginning the first week of June through the last week of July (camp will be closed the first 2 weeks of July), we have half day summer camps for middle and high schoolers looking to gain in depth knowledge as to growing food and fish via aquaponics. There are 2 classes, one basic (prerequisite for advanced class) and the other advanced for students wishing to participate in 2 separate weeks this summer. Middle schoolers will be in one group and high schoolers in the other group. Group size is limited to 5 per group, to enhance each students experience. Classes will have both daily classroom and lab components, so that new learned information is reinforced through practice. Cost is $175 for the week, with classes from 9am - 12pm. Parents unable to pick-up children at noon can participate in the daily extended program, which for a cost of $15 per day includes a nutritious lunch prepared by a local chef and provides a delayed pick-up until 1pm. Register for a specific class and date below

For those wanting to explore aquaponics do’s and dont’s on their own, we also have a great book for home aquaponics - Sylvia Bernstein’s - “Aquaponic Gardening”. You can order the book by hitting the "Purchase" button below and it can be shipped or if you visit the farm, pick up and pay at the farm. Cost is $24.95 plus tax - if shipped -$5 more will be added to cost.